Google’s Guide. Your Guide.

Google controls where and how websites rank. Alongside their algorithm, they have a strict set of SEO guidelines in which they punish websites that use “black hat” tactics that break them.
To the untrained eye, the line between black hat and clean white hat tactics are too thin to notice. Many websites owners do not know the difference and sometimes see black hat tactics as the successful option to boost their rankings. Only to see their site removed completely from Google once they are caught. That thin line is difficult to understand and notice. As professionals in the field, Search Marketing Group can clearly see it.
Our aim has always been to ensure that we lead your website to follow Google’s SEO on-page guidelines. Our particular and methodical process is to study and assess the right strategy and execute clean and concise white hat tactics that will not let your website fall onto that wrong side of the line, but always stay on the right side.