How to Setup Local Maps

The setup procedure for each major search engine is a little different; however, the basic steps are always the same. A business first locates its address on the local maps program. The business then needs to sign up on the local maps program and identify itself. There will then be a short verification process that will ensure the person who owns the business is actually the one making the listing.

The most important local business profile to have is a Google profile. First of all, it is free. Second of all, Google controls around 85% of all traffic on the Internet. Third, the process that Google uses is basically copied by Yahoo and Bing. If you can set up your business listing on Google local maps, then you can set up your business listing anywhere.

First, navigate to the URL Click the “Get on Google” button in the top midportion of the screen. Type in the name of the business to see if Google has already identified it. If it is already identified, simply create a Google plus page by clicking “ok.” If it is not identified, type in the appropriate information; check the box that says that you understand the terms of service, then create a Google plus page.

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