Disavowing Links

If Google decides that your links contravene its guidelines, it will usually give you an option to remove the links yourself and forward the report outlining the measures you have taken or let Google do it for you. Usually it’s better to just do it yourself just in case Google goes over the top and removes even some non-spammy links.

Disavowing links is the process by which you use the Google Disavowing Tool to disable links from low quality websites. Google explains the process of disavowing backlinks is clearly on its website. All you need to do is check your Webmaster Tools home page then click Search Traffic followed by clicking on Links to Your Site. All the websites that have linked to your website will be displayed. Download all the links that you would like Google to disavow into a file.

Upload the file containing all the links that you would like Google to disavow, go to Disavow Links Tool Page then click Disavow Links. It’s a pretty fast and easy process than can save you from getting into trouble in the future.

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