While Twitter isn’t as heavily used as Facebook or Instagram, you should still focus on using Twitter to market your business. With 336 million monthly active users, there certainly are plenty of prospective customers to be reached.

The main reason you should be using Twitter to market your business is the fantastic Twitter list function.

What is a Twitter List?

A Twitter list is a grouping of multiple twitter accounts that fall under the same basic category. For example, you may have a Twitter list for all your friends, one for your prospective customers, one for your current customers, and you might even have hidden Twitter lists such as all of the competitors you choose to follow. Twitter enables you to compose your lists exactly the way you want, and you can include whoever you like in your categorised lists.

Why is a Twitter List Important?

Twitter lists make it much easier to filter the content on your social media account. You can easily ignore content and people you are not really interested in following and you can navigate your way towards information and people you really want to engage with. These lists can save you lots of time on unnecessary searches.

If you want to find your influencers, they are listed. If you are looking for a bit of social fun, then you simply tune in to your friends’ lists. If you are looking to promote a new product, then all of your prospective customers are right there in your easy-to-access list.

Twitter Lists Are Free

You can list to your heart’s content on Twitter and it won’t cost you a dime, where other social media channels require you to boost or promote specific posts in order to reach a specific audience. There’s not much better than a free social media marketing tool.

Must-Have Lists for Your Business

You can create as many Twitter lists as you need in order to make it easier to market your company. Here are a few must-have lists that will definitely improve your presence on Twitter.

  • Experienced leaders in your industry.
  • Competitors that you should keep an eye on.
  • Support businesses such as suppliers.
  • Potential customers or your target audience.
  • Target audiences at specific events, shows, locations, or who share a specific interest.

How to Use Your Twitter Lists for Marketing

Once your Twitter lists are in place, it’s time to start using these lists to benefit your business. Some lists, like competitors or experience leaders, are there for you to learn from or to pull inspiration from. Watch what content these people share and find out what kind of posts do well.

Your other lists are great for promoting your business. To start promoting, you can simply tune in to what a specific target audience is up to. Start engaging with these people. Comment on their Tweets, share their information, ask them questions. With simple engagement, you can rack up a surprising number of retweets, which are great for promoting your business and capturing the attention of prospective customers.

Twitter lists can make it a lot simpler to promote your business and to get more interest from those who might want to start following you. Follows are great for boosting your company’s popularity and can eventually lead to a steady increase in traffic to your website which in turn, would increases sales!