SEO is a major driving force for businesses to reach their audience and to establish themselves as a market leader. It a valuable tool, and when mixed alongside a social networking giant, the potential can be limitless. And there is no bigger networking giant that Instagram. The photo sharing app is a dominant force, and failing to maximise your SEO techniques will be considered a missed opportunity. Here we break down for you how search engine marketing optimisation and Instagram can work together.

Hashtags Will Define Your Brand And Bring In Your Audience.
One of the key factors when it comes to managing your Instagram account is hashtags. They are the definitive mark of the social media giant and used thoroughly. It would be unwise than to merely throw in any type of hashtag that you think of. You’ll end up wasting the potential to reach a greater audience. Take the time to do some thorough research on hashtags that related to your industry and your business. From there, you will be able to maximise your reach your audience. This is a vital aspect in how SEO’ing  your Instagram can be valuable.

“Keyword” Hashtags Are Powerful & Can Dominate Your Niche. 
This is tricky, as certain hashtags drive up more interest than others. So you will have to compare and contrast the keywords you want to showcase to hashtags that are popular on the app. Another method is to throw in keywords within descriptions of your posts. This will help with Google and bring in the people you want from your chosen demographic. 

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Don’t Forget The Huge Potential Of Using SEO For Your Instagram Advertising
Much like Facebook and other social media networks, you can SEO your advertising campaign to bring out the best for your business. Focus on keywords and the key demographics you want to reach.  More so, you can maximise the reach of certain posts. The added benefit of this approach is that you can read the metrics of your campaign to see what is working and what isn’t.

Building Links Can Hurt Your Instagram Campaign More Than You Know
Unlike Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, links to your website don’t work on Instagram. The move was done to avoid hardcore spamming on the network. This means, you’ll have to work on other ways to bring people to your website, as links won’t work. It also provides you with a creative platform to reach out to your audience. This is just a note not to waste time on it.

By following on from these tips, you will be able to establish your brand as leading light in Instagram. This social networking has the potential to make the difference for your SEO campaign in the long-term. So when it comes to focusing on this social media giant, take your time and focus on the right plan. Before you know it, you will be a powerful and well-recognised online brand – and mastering the likes of Instagram can be a massive part of it.