The first thing to understand is that today social media is at least as important as a regular website, and in many cases much more so. If someone hears about a service, product or person and want to know more, then it’s very common for them to search first on social media sites. This is a crucial stage of building trust and likeability in today’s climate.

When talking about SEO, or search engine optimisation, you’re trying to rank as highly as possible in search engines. So within social media websites, you have another need to maximise your rankings. Each social media platform has its own search, and you want to make sure any pages which promote your business and link to your main website are going to come up highly.

If you were running a chain of restaurants in Melbourne, for example, and your website was set up to rank highly in the main search engines, then you have a good chance of growing your customer base. However, if you are promoting throughout the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and also more restaurant specific websites and apps, then you are taking advantage of far more opportunities. People are searching throughout social media, and sharing experiences with family, friends and other visitors. All of these actions are constantly dynamic, and these existing platforms are there to be taken advantage of. They can quickly build trust and powerfully spread the word about your business.

With your Melbourne restaurants therefore, the people of Melbourne would come to know your brand as a household name simply through using the same apps and websites they normally use, and then perhaps they would go and have a look at your main website too. It’s an essential part of marketing in today’s world, as people now take it for granted that they should be able to easily find a business on their favourite social media platform. The better your SEO is integrated and connected to those platforms, then the more powerfully you are taking advantage of this ongoing, and often free, set of resources.