Photos to Connect. Photos for Success.

With over 300 million active users, up to 30 billion images, with an average of 70 million photos uploads a day, Instagram has become a key outlet for businesses to generate new and potential customers. It is now considered one of the biggest and most influential social media outlets.

The key for businesses to establish and grow their brand’s presence on Instagram is not simply uploading attractive photos – that is the just the basic premise. There is a thought process behind each and every photo that is uploaded: how is it going to reflect my business? What will it encompass? Will it get the reaction that I want it to? These are questions that cannot be answered on a whim; they need to be within a solid and structured strategy, one where all roads lead to one achievable goal.

But what are the goals of your business on Instagram? That is process that Search Marketing Group can help you find and firmly entrench within your online campaign. Our experience in tailoring an Instagram plan that is built around your business and its visual identity highlights our dedication to thoroughly analysing each and every uploaded photo. With us by your side, we look into three key aspects: what you photos will entail, how the images will reflect your business and how these photos are going to generate and create loyal followers.

Many businesses lack a well-defined and perfected constructed Instagram strategy that aims to get the most out of their images. They waste time, energy and money on a failed experiment. With our knowledgable social media management team as your partners, your brand will become king on Instagram.