Advertise your Site. Land the Customers.

When it comes to advertising it is important not just to have a strong click-bait advert, but also to ensure that when your customers click on it, you take them to the right page. That is the importance of having an engaging landing page. In basic terms, a landing page is the page that users arrive to when they click on your advert and brings them to your website. Yet, it is more than just having any landing page; you need to have the right page, one that moves away from the clutter of your website and encourages them to take action.

Most online companies will tell you to put make your landing page the homepage of your site. BUt then it will be up to the customer to “figure it all out”. That will not lead to any successful conversions. At Search Marketing Group, you will not be going down that route. For us, the landing page is where we narrow the focus on potential buyers, make them take the action you want them to and convert them from users to paying customers.

That is the method and strategy that we will undertaken when you partner up with us. Our landing page strategy will see customers take the actions you want them to. Every action they take, is a conversion for you. Every conversion means another established customer, and every customer means an increased profit margin and a higher ROI. That is the importance of landing pages. That is the importance of Search Marketing Group managing your landing page.