Look for High Authority Websites

Granted, the quality of a website is rather subjective. As a general guideline, however, search for websites that have an Ahrefs Domain Rank of less than 40 or an Open Site Explorer Domain Authority of less than 10. You can also look for websites with a high SE Price (SEMRush Metric).

Websites with good DA or SE scores tend to rank on search results faster than normal pages. Additionally, they are able to acquire natural links better over time since they tend to be authorities in their respective niches. When searching for websites in various niches you should use Google Search Operators as well as Productivity Tools.

Google Search Operators are used to refine your search to help you find the right websites for your link building campaign. Google search operators are Boolean in nature and are divided into six categories namely:

  • Web search operators
  • Image search operators
  • Group search operators
  • Directory search operators
  • News operators
  • Product search operators

The search operator is a broad-based tool and the most basic Google operator. But, it gives good results when used properly and can save you a lot of time. The site operator, on the other hand, is a more refined tool that focusses on a single domain name and is great for crawling a large website. You can learn more about these operators by visiting the Google Search Operators website.

You should also use Productivity Tools when prospecting for links. Some favorite Chrome link building tools include:

  • Export Tabs
  • Check My Links
  • Link Clump
  • Mozbar

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