Your Rankings. Your Recovery.

Imagine after several months of hard work, following your online marketing plan to the T, using honest SEO tactics, you find your website on Page 1 of Google. You have achieved what you set your business out to do. Then, one day, it’s gone.

Your rankings have plummeted. You business’ website is in the back pages now, you are at lost as to what happened, and most importantly, your business is being affected, because nobody clicks on page 8 websites. What and how did this happen? You probably do not know, but Search Marketing Group does: it is called “lost rankings”.

When your website experiences “lost rankings”, it is often the devastating effect of not following Google’s algorithms and search protocols. Whether it is due to an individual either accidentally, or purposely, trying to rise their Google rankings, the search engine giant knows when something is not right during searches. Its algorithm constantly monitors websites and sees how and why they rank. When protocol is broken, they penalise you by dropping you down the rankings. All that hard work gone in less than a click of a button.

Problem is, you might not know why this has happened. It is a confusing period and it can severely affect your business’ sales, profits and ROI. As professionals in the Search Engine Optimisation (seo in melbourne), Search Marketing Group can look at your website and get it back to the top where it belongs by altering your website’s off-site and on-site protocols and content. Our strategy will focus on not only returning your high rankings, but guaranteeing that they stay high through honest and efficient SEO tactics.