Find the Panda. Keep your Rankings.

One of Google’s most common updates when it comes to checking its ranking system and index, is the Panda update. Much like Google’s other notorious update Penguin, Panda checks websites for authentic and honest SEO strategies to see if users have manipulating content to push up their Google rankings. Panda updates happen from time to time and should be treated very seriously; it can have a disastrous effect on a business’ website and online reputation.

Search Marketing Group knows this because it has seen it happen to clients time and time again. Luckily, it has the experienced content team to guarantee that such effects, such as the dropping of rankings, the loss of profits and a smaller ROI, does not happen, but only increases over time.

Panda updates focus on the effects of your “on-site” content. This update keeps an eye on what your website actually shows on the public domain. If Google notices that your content is full of keywords in the wrong places (“over-optimisation”), that the content is duplicated or not unique, and there is too-much SEO on it, your website will most likely be penalised by the Panda update. The idea behind the update is to eliminate “thin” or “poor content” websites that use black-hat tactics to increase their rankings.

This is where our white-hat and honest SEO tactics can put your website back on the running to Page 1. By cleaning through your content, we will look to provide fresh, unique and ever-changing content that pushes your business back to the top of the searches of your industry. By constantly refreshing and updating content, your website will not become recognised for its honest approach but for providing users with top quality and engaging content.