Avoid the Penguin. Restore your Site.

The Penguin Update is notorious throughout the SEO world. The reason? It has the potential to completely drop a website’s rankings from the very top to the very bottom. These updates do not happen on a consistent level, Google announces Penguin updates weeks in advance for preparation. Regardless, if your website is caught in the Penguin sweep, and if you have not used proper SEO tactics, your website and business will face the consequences.

Search Marketing Group though is prepared for such consequences. Our methods see us only using honest SEO tactics that will not see your website face punishment. Yet, if your website is caught in the Penguin’s sweep, do not worry; we have the methods, techniques and tactics to get it back to the very top, authentically and honestly.

This type of recovery focuses on the effects of your “off-site” pages. Penguin updates aim to decrease search rankings of websites that break Google’s Webmaster Guidelines with black-hat SEO tactics of manipulating the links to the website. This means links with no connection to a business, too many going to one page, low-quality backlinks and connections that generate from directories, foreign and article sites, will all be caught in Google’s crossfire.

Regardless if you meant to put these links or not, they are wrong in Google’s eyes and it has affected your business. To get your business’ website back up to Google’s standards, as well as ensuring that your online reputation is not harmed, you will have to clean up your website’s backlinks and build a more solid and results-driven strategy. This is where our white-hat and honest SEO tactics can work. We refresh your campaign with solid tactics to make sure that you will never face such a devastating blow to your website and business again.