To ignore using SEO for your Twitter is merely inviting trouble for your business. SEO is so vital in establishing your business online, reaching your audience and driving up your authority with Google, that to ignoring it would be damaging in the long run. You might be thinking, how can I use SEO for Twitter, since its predominantly for websites? We got some vital and simple techniques to show you how can mix SEO with your Twitter:

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  1. Keywording Your Twitter Handle Is As Powerful As Your Website Address. 
    Your Twitter name is as powerful as your website address. So when it comes to labelling your handle, use a keyword if possible. You only have a maximum of 15 characters so be wise when it comes to naming yourself.
  2. Make Your Bio Filled With SEO To Establish Your Name. 
    So you know how you have SEO your Facebook page with vital keywords? The same applies with your Twitter bio. Focus on getting the balance right when it comes speaking about your brand and the right keywords. Much of Twitter is character-limited, so you have to focus on getting the balance right.
  3. Tweets That Are Loaded With SEO Will Make The Difference For You. 
    The crucial crux of your Twitter SEO campaign is to include vital keywords in the tweets you post. Whether they come in the form of hashtags or just within the content itself, this is a fantastic way of constantly reaching out to your audience and focusing being visible with your keywords on a continual basis.
  4. How A Twitter List Can Bring In A Larger Audience
    When you make a list on Twitter, you bring in the opportunity not only to expand your network to other SEO parties (both companies and potential clients), but you also establish a strong search engine point. People can join your list and before you know it, you have new followers and have a stronger brand.


With these four sharp and simple SEO techniques, you will be able to maximise your online potential on Twitter. Do not discount the potential behind this approach, as you can really establish yourself as a leader in your industry on social media.