It’s important to know that you can read plenty of conflicting information when it comes to what works in search engine optimisation, or SEO. The fact is that the internet is constantly changing and evolving, and different ideas and patterns come and go. If you set up a website and decide that meta keywords are not important, or you have a fixed idea of SEO based on something you’ve read, then you won’t have much chance of success. The correct implementation of meta keywords within your SEO strategy is important, along with many other aspects of SEO.

If you are seriously developing and building an SEO strategy that works, then you want to take advantage of every possible positive impact on this. You might read that ‘Google don’t use meta keywords’ for example, and imagine that therefore it’s pointless to use them. However, there are plenty of other reasons that you should keep use everything you can. There are other search engines, and there is the huge area of social media searches which might look for meta keywords. More than this, with a focussed SEO strategy, you want to leave no stone unturned.

If you have discovered, for example that your chain of chocolate stores in Melbourne is not ranking highly for a ‘chocolate in Melbourne’ search, then you will have to focus on inserting this search term in as many important places as you can. This will be worked into the content of your website, but also behind the scenes in the meta tags. Together this will work with off-site search engine optimisation including listings in local directories which include the same search term, and also social media pages. Internet searches of all kinds will be influenced by all of these factors working together, and it’s pointless and counter-productive to overlook any part of this. Simply keep in mind that when it comes to building successful websites, as with building successful business, everything matters.