People find You. Customers find You.

In this day and age, internet searches are not longer restricted to computers. According to the ACMA’s report into mobile phone usage, they found that there “were 3.9 million adult Australians (21%) who were mobile-only internet users”. The statistic itself is mind-boggling to think and highlights that over the past several years mobile phones have become a new market for businesses and companies to enhance their brand’s influence.

The rise of the increased usage of the internet on mobile phones is due to the simplicity in which searches are made. Strong reception signals means that users can easily search for what they want in the palm of their hand and the majority conduct these searches when they are “on the move”. Failing to establish a connection to these active users will mean that your business is losing potential customers.

Partnering up with Search Marketing Group will see your SEO campaign reworked and remastered to your clients’ specifications through their mobile searches. By incorporating mobile searches within your SEO campaign, you enhance the opportunity to not just “localise” your market, but also to branch out and establish a stronger audience base. A strong mobile phone strategy will see your business expand out to a new and untouched marketplace, one that could never be reached without targeting mobile phone users.