SEO Myths: What You Need to Know

At one time, search engines had submissions forms that were part of the search engine optimisation process. Webmaster and website owners would tag their pages with keyword information and submit them to the search engines. Since 2001, however, this has not been required and is basically obsolete. Don’t let this outdated practice distract you from building your genuine links and natural SEO content. People are still selling ‘search engine submission services’ and they are worthless!

Don’t get confused about the importance of tags. At one time, meta keywords tags were used as an important ranking signal by the search engines, but they were spammed into oblivion. You do still need to include some important tags, however. The title tag, meta description tag and meta robots tag are all of great importance, so don’t ignore these ones.

A fairly understandable myths is ‘build great content and the links will come.’ Unless you’re a big brand with an existing audience, it’s not usually this simple. Of course great content is necessary, but even great content needs to be pushed one way or another. It may be email outreach, PR or native advertising but either way, it needs something more in order to get traffic and links.

The benefit of ‘keyword stuffing’ is a myth which still persists, and can be another distraction from building truly effective websites. Although using the same keyword persistently in your SEO content, overdoing it will not bring much benefit, and the poor quality writing will lose not just customers but also potential editorial links.

Another strong SEO myth is that PPC (pay per click) advertising improves organic SEO rankings. The truth is that all the major search engines actively prevent this from happening, so no matter how much you spend on PPC advertising, you won’t see more organic traffic as a direct result. If you do gain customers and they post a good review or even recommend your website then that’s another matter, but don’t imagine that simply paying for advertising will improve your SEO.