Advantages of Ongoing Tweaks and Changes

Once you have optimized a site completely, you may feel that your job is done. However, this is not the case. It is important to monitor your PageRank regularly and to constantly be adding material based on popular keywords. In addition, there are often little tweaks that can have a huge effect on your search engine ranking. Be committed to trying new things and examining what works well for your competition.

The Benefits of an Onsite Blog

Many websites have blogs hosted at WordPress or Blogger. However, adding an onsite blog can have a major effect on SEO. A blog gives you the opportunity to constantly add fresh and keyword-rich content that will increase your site’s relevance. In addition, blog material is more likely to be linkable or to go viral. If your blog is offsite, you are missing the biggest benefits. On page search engine optimization is complicated and constantly changing. However, following these tips will increase your chances of creating a highly ranked website within your niche.