Social media is an important part of every marketing strategy. Mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have helped a lot of businesses in Melbourne get a wider reach. A proper SEO strategy for these social media platforms can help your business reach new heights. Social media like Facebook allows you to reach people who are interested in your stuff.

It is an invaluable tool that can make a hugely positive impact on your online campaign. That is why it is important you bring in together the best of SEO with your Facebook marketing.

Maximising the reach of your Facebook posts with SEO will help you in driving traffic to your site, attract and engage audiences and improve the visibility through keyword optimisation. You should optimise your Facebook page and marketing efforts to improve your rankings. Though social media do not have a direct impact on the Google search algorithm, but they do have some correlation. More exposure of your page to a larger audience will mean more people clicking the links. More clicks will mean more traffic, which is important for rankings. More people sharing your content will improve your chances of boosting the search engine rankings.

Here are four ways to maximise your Melbourne Facebook with SEO:


Your Name Is One Of The Most Important Steps.
This is the most basic and the most important step to optimise your Facebook page. Remember not to stuff the page with a lot of keywords which may make it look spammy. Also, don’t be too generic. Create a page with a name which represents your real business, brand and personality. Google gives more importance to the first word in your title. Therefore, it is important to create a name which can help gain more and more traffic and help you connect with the audience.

SEO Your URL. It Will Make The Difference For Your Search Engine.
Once your page reaches a few likes, you can create a unique URL for the page which is heavy weighted by search engines. The URL you create should reflect an aspect of your business. Also, make sure to fill the basic information which will help in creating a positive impression.

Using Keywords On Your Facebook Like You Would For Your Website. It’s The Same Positive Effect:
It is an important part of every Facebook page like a website. Keyword optimisation is the basic form of on-site SEO. Use relevant keywords in the description to let people find you. These keywords will help in optimising the page and make it more visible.

Pin Important Posts to the Top of Page To Boost Your Visible
This helps in boosting visibility. Pin posts which are time sensitive and highlight your top content. Remember that with most social media, trends change quickly. So don’t let yourself fall behind by not being involved in the latest trends. Put your most important posts up and keep your page and business visible.

Optimising your Facebook page with SEO will help you in boosting traffic to your website and help you get more leads. That is why it is very important to combine the key elements of SEO with your Facebook page and your campaign. Failing to do so, will see your business fall behind competitors. So stay ahead of the pack by following these four vital and useful SEO for your Facebook.