Many people today use Facebook as their own gateway to everything they need. If they want to find someone or something then it’s the first place they look. This is why it’s important for businesses not just to have a presence on Facebook, but also to be optimised for successful searches and conversions on there. Businesses of all kinds have experienced a complete shift in recent years as they discover many of their clients and customers have not even seen their expensive company website and yet have discovered their free Facebook page which had not previously been given much thought. For business, it’s certainly time to give Facebook pages some thought.

Just as your website can be found by search engines when it’s effectively using SEO strategies, so your Facebook page needs search engine optimisation to be found within the Facebook search. Someone looking for a hairdresser in Melbourne, for example, might well perform a Facebook search first. They want to see how the place looks, if the social interactions are timely and friendly, if the latest fashions are there, and how they feel about the place. Furthermore, if they find you and enjoy the experience, they will possibly recommend you and tag you within Facebook, which could have a huge impact on your business. This is all a very real and exciting reality for many businesses today, who might have paid a fortune in ongoing advertising in the past. Once you are developing and maintaining your Facebook SEO strategy effectively, then you are tapping into vast social networks whilst also building trust – that most important aspect of any business.

Apart from the internal Facebook search, you can also show up on other search engines with your Facebook page, as Google for example is also indexing Facebook. If your brand name and URL match on your Facebook page, then this is a good start. Also make sure you’re listed in the right category within Facebook. With the Melbourne hairdresser example, you would want to select the ‘Local’ category and include subcategories such as health and beauty. Remember that plenty of high quality SEO content, pictures, and interaction with customers will also be worth its weight in gold.