The importance of social media in SEO cannot be ignored. Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform and more and more businesses in Melbourne are applying SEO tactics to Twitter marketing. These techniques can help your account to show up on both Twitter and Google. Simply opening an account and tweeting will not boost your rankings.

You need to connect with relevant friends and industry peers to make yourself visible.

SEO surely works with Twitter and you can gain a good deal of benefit from it. Twitter is a good way to gain a spot on organic search engine result pages (SERPs), to help your website and content gain visibility. Here are a few ways to help your company or brand, build more prominent links to be placed higher in search engine rankings:

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  • Master Your Handle Name – As Its Impact Is Huge: Choose a handle name which is relevant to your company or brand and easy to remember. Your username will be a part of your customised Twitter URL which will work as a static address for future indexing. Don’t use a lot of numbers as Google may flag it as spam.
  • Your Bio Should Be Relevant To Your SEO Campaign: Your profile or bio provides your page with its core relevance and is consistently indexed. Make the most of the 160 characters given to you for bio. Its main purpose is to explain followers about what you tweet about and why they should follow you. Include relevant keyword and hashtag in your bio if you have a campaign or an event coming up. Your profile photo also carries some SEO weight. Add relevant keywords to the filename of your photo, separated by dashes.
  • Start Loading Up Your Tweets With Keywords – It Pays Off With Audiences: Try starting your tweet with a primary keyword phrase. Choose words wisely to spread your message in the best possible way.
  • Links Bring People To Your Website: Your Twitter profile will need a lot of links. You should link your profile anywhere you can with strong keywords in the anchor text. You can also encourage others to link to your Twitter profile to improve the authority it receives from search engines.
  • Hashtags Are The Base Of Twitter – Use Them To Maximise Your Tweets: They work like metadata for your tweets. They are helpful in organising tweets and determining trending information on Twitter. So when it comes to reaching out to your audience on a consistent and focused manner, this is the technique you should be using.
  • Build your Online Brand Because It Will Increase Your Online Presence: A good and effective Twitter account is not only helpful in SEO, but will also help in building your online brand. It will increase your visibility by building new connections.

It is important to be clear about your Twitter presence for your Melbourne business. Only when you have a clear purpose, you will get a direction and will be able to measure success. Optimising the Twitter account is important to optimise your search engine visibility. You can connect to more people and build a strong network to gain the exposure your business requires.