How to Mastermind the Right Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

The first thing to realise is that a keyword is not necessarily just one word. You could have two or more words, perhaps even a short phrase which is sometimes referred to as a long-tailed keyword. The important question is: Exactly what is your website selling or promoting? The answer should be the first and most obvious keyword that you choose for your SEO, whether it’s just one word or more. The simpler you keep this the better, as very often people try too hard and will over-complicate the process.

Another thing to consider is that the search engines like keywords that belong to the website address, so if you’re lucky enough to have something like ‘’, then you could use the keyword ‘computers’ with excellent results. In most cases we need to be more creative than that, and the challenge becomes finding a more niche keyword. The other benefit with choosing something like ‘gaming computers’ instead is that, although it’s still an example of a competitive market, this keyword will be far less competitive than ‘computers’. The other benefit of being more specific is that people who find your website using that search term are more likely to buy something as you are more accurately describing your goods or services. A good conversion rate is obviously important, as there’s usually not much point having high volumes of visitors if nobody is taking action.

You can use various online tools for finding effective SEO keywords. Google, as the most obvious example, has tools which will help you find how competitive certain keywords are, and can also give you alternatives and variations based on what people are searching for. This all seems quite simple, but this is what makes it powerful and effective, because the difference between choosing successful or useless keywords is vast, despite the actual differences in the keywords appearing slight. If you sell pets in Melbourne, for example, you will need to think along the lines of ‘pet shop in Melbourne’ or ‘dogs for sale Melbourne’. An online tool might suggest ‘Melbourne pet dogs’ as being something people are searching for, so you would be wise to use that. Remember to be specific and keep in mind the power of search engine optimisation when it is highly targeted. Repeating keywords is fine, but obviously you want the text to flow as naturally as possible too.