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What Could 2x or 4x More Leads Do For Your Business?

We understand the pressure you feel as a business-owner in the digital age. Every industry is competitive; your storefront and your website require constant upkeep and you’ve got online competitors coming at your customers left right and centre!

Of course, it doesn’t just stop there. You’re also trying to:

  • Treat your existing customers like the treasures they are
  • Efficiently manage all your staff
  • Remember to take a break once in a while
  • Squeeze in your 30 minutes of exercise a day
  • Feed the dog

And to keep you on your toes, every single task is jeopardised once business is slow. You need capital to reinvest into your business and dog food does not grow on trees.

We know you work hard, we know your team is skilled at what they do and you have something of value to offer the people.

It’s not just about the money. We get it. But you need sales in order to remain sustainable as a business and this all starts with the quality and number of leads you are getting.

Imagine the impact that doubling your online leads will have on your business. Easier accounting for the month? A catered lunch for the team? Now, think about what triple, or four times the leads would mean for your productivity and your quality of service!

It’s not witchcraft and it’s certainly not a secret. It’s just good old-fashioned SEO from a local digital marketing agency that is future-focused in their approach. Ask, and you shall receive.

We’ve Got SEO Down to a Science

We are your friendly on-demand digital marketers with more than just a soft spot for SEO. Using Search Engine Optimization to support local businesses is our strong point and our passion.

See, our agency started as a humble little squad of SEO strategists helping small businesses with affordable, no-nonsense SEO strategy back in 2012. SEO was not just ‘our thing’, it was our only thing (besides our friendly faces and customer service) for a long time. So, we damn well made sure our laser-sharp focus on SEO meant getting the best results for our clients.

We’ve conducted a great number of SEO audits, created and implemented SEO strategies and successful campaigns for countless clients in many different industries and effectively troubleshooted so many situations that nothing surprises us anymore. We have perfected our approach to SEO to such a fine degree that we can probably do it blindfolded.

Our SEO techniques have developed and so has our team. We’ve expanded our digital marketing services on offer to include even more SEM support, in-house copywriting and SMM. They all go hand-in-hand with a customised SEO campaign for your business.

We haven’t forgotten or strayed from our initial purpose. We don’t use SEO as a sweetener to reel you in, it’s the specialty we use to spearhead your digital marketing strategy campaign, expand your reach online, dodge your competitors and get your leads coming through!

We Know ROI is What Matters Most To You

We are the SEO-focused digital marketing agency; we understand that you are not, and your interests probably don’t involve the latest buzzwords of the digital marketing world. So when you give us your time, we intend to honour it and keep you updated on what’s important for your business: getting the ROI you signed up for.

SEO is an important tool for improving business revenue by encouraging more traffic to your website. It requires ongoing work to remain effective, so we keep our clients up-to-date with progress tracking and campaign reports of the figures. This is what we will discuss in our consultations; meeting your goals and how we’re going to do it.

Having worked with clients from a diverse range of industries, we respect your choice of hiring our specialist SEO services as a tool to boost your leads and, in turn, your sales.

We are proud to be the team to facilitate your SEO successes. We’re not going to waste your time blabbering about all the intricate details of search engine algorithms and the art of optimization…. Unless you ask. Then, we’ll happily give you the full scoop!

Tired Of Hearing Excuses? Stuck On The Second Page? Call Us To Get Unstuck

Maybe you’ve grown familiar with a lot of the principles of SEO because of your past relationships with SEO providers?

We understand this might not mean positive news. Many SEO gurus promise the world but will only manage to get you to the second page. They struggle to break the first where it matters most and instead of the leads you were promised, you receive the never-ending excuses of why your goal is too ‘out-of-reach’.

The story is tired and tedious. You are not wrong in thinking the excuses used in these instances sounds like absolute rubbish – because they are.

If you’re stuck on the second page and tired of hearing excuses, give us a call. We’ll tell you exactly why you’re stuck and what you need to do next, no obligations.

We CAN Show You Our Results (Results in 2019)

Rankings Increased By Over 1,200 Positions in First Month (May 2019)

This client was doing a lot of things right with their branding. Having invested alot on their website design, they soon realised design means little without consistent targeted traffic from Google.

After coming onboard with Search Marketing Group, we’ve managed to significantly boost rankings with many keywords now ranking on the first page. Come month 6 or 12, we expect the client to be dominating their industry.

“I’m getting too many leads, please pause the SEO.” (March 2019)

Being stuck with their SEO for many months, this client needed a different strategy. We finally found one that clicked. Few days later, the client calls in with a major problem…

He’s getting too many leads he can’t handle! Imagine the look on our faces when we heard that. SEO works. If you’re not getting the same results, it’s probably because you’re not on the first page. Speak to our team and we’ll put together a strategy for your business.

Consistent. Stable. Upward Growth. 2100+ Positions Up in 4 Months. (February 2019)

Being a local gym in one of the most competitive locations around Melbourne CBD. This client came onboard with a brand new website and within 4 months they’re now ranking #1 for their own location while also above competitor gyms in surrounding locations. Talk about total domination!

Our SEO strategy is a process that we’ve mastered through continuous testing, experimenting and tweaking to find the perfect series of actions to get our clients ranking #1 for any industry. Speak to our team now if you’re looking for ROI from your SEO campaign.

If you’re tired of excuse-laden SEO services and promises full of hot air, we know you may feel a sense of doubt creeping in to your business goals and dreams.
We understand your pain. Many small business owners burn thousands on SEO that never gets them anywhere. This is absolutely not acceptable and we will be the first to tell you to give up services that leave you in these situations.

In just the beginning of 2019, thanks to the work of our dedicated team at Search Marketing Group, over 1000 keywords ranked on the first page.
That’s 1000 keywords and counting and many satisfied clients, and counting.

Become our next success story.

Dominate Your Industry by Teaming Up With Us

If you’re tired of excuse-laden SEO services and promises full of hot air, we know you may feel a sense of doubt creeping in to your business goals and dreams.

We understand your pain. Many small business owners burn thousands on SEO that never gets them anywhere. This is absolutely not acceptable and we will be the first to tell you to give up services that leave you in these situations.

SEO requires time, patience and skill. Your SEO team should be transparent about their capabilities and knowledgeable on how to deliver what they promise – not giving you petty excuses.

Let us help you FINALLY get on the first page and turn your website into a lead generating asset you can be proud of.

I have been with Search Marketing Group for many years now and my business has been well looked after by these guys. They offer great service and affordable pricing. My leads have more than doubled since i came to them. Great job!
Dave Kumat
Dave Kumat
05:34 17 Aug 18
I've been working with the team at Search Marketing Group now for a little over 4 years and I can't even begin to say how amazing they are. Each of the team members are super qualified in their fields, always open to try and test different things to get the best out of the campaigns run. I haven't come across a team like Search Marketing Group and the expert advice they offer and the delivery on fantastic results.
Jessica Peccia
Jessica Peccia
01:17 20 Aug 18
I have worked with Deepak and his team for quite a few years now. He has achieved great results for me. I also find Deepak and honest person. I am happy to recommend Search Marketing Group.
Search Marketing Group took over our digital marketing a little over Six months ago. I have been beyond impressed with the standard and customer support we have received from Murtuza and his team. They have taken the time to explain all aspects whilst also going above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied. I am really happy with the results as our business increased and would not hesitate to recommend their services.
sally agranov
sally agranov
03:22 26 Mar 18
Long term customer, service is 5 stars. Results = fantastic
Ryan Dias
Ryan Dias
08:21 20 Aug 18
I have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 to 5 years now and they have helped me grow my business from few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars over the last few years. Deepak and and his team are great and always go the extra mile to deliver. I highly recommend them.
Ali reza Kamali
Ali reza Kamali
05:45 22 Aug 18
Excellent service! Thank you to Search Marketing & team for all of your help. Highly recommended
Michelle Allen
Michelle Allen
06:04 23 Aug 18
Search Marketing Group sets the Standard for others to follow. Persistence and patience is the hallmark of their operation. They deliver on difficult subject matters such as our Smart Toilets. Murtuza Ratlamwala leads this dedicated team of website wizards who always seem happy to go that extra mile - make the extra adjustment - make the last minute change - somehow, they just always make it happen. If you need a great website, at a very competitive price, you just can’t go past Search Marketing Group.
We have found Murtuza Ratlamwala to be very professional, proactive and helpful in respect of our marketing needs. The whole team are also very helpful and have gone to significant lengths to assist us with any technical issues we have had to deal with. We highly recommend Search Marketing Group to anyone seeking a quality and effective marketing team.
Pentana Stanton Lawyers
Pentana Stanton Lawyers
04:34 07 Sep 18
I have been using Deepak for a long time now and would recommend SearchMG to anyone looking for great service and brilliant results. 8 years and still going strong. Thanks Search MG team
Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh
06:57 27 Sep 18
I have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 years now and i have been extremely happy with the service and results. My business has grown drastically because of these guys. Great job definitely recommended!
Rob Elhawly
Rob Elhawly
08:19 13 Oct 18
Deepak and his team at SMG have managed my website SEO for the past 4 years. During this time my website consistently ranked on page 1 of google for many of my chosen keywords.As a result of this my business enquires and sales tripled as did the size of my business. They’re always easily accessible by phone and often helped me with other IT related problems outside of their scope of work.I have no hesitation in recommending SMG to any business looking to increase leads and sales through their website.Scott BarthoLandscape Shape and Form
Scott Bartho
Scott Bartho
01:05 30 Nov 18
Had a miss understanding Mr Deepak called me and resolved it within minute Great service and excellent web skills Thank you
murtaza eiwazali
murtaza eiwazali
09:06 04 Feb 19
Search marketing has been a great and continuing asset for my company MGR Security Doors. Murtuza delivers quickly and efficiently and makes any adjustments in a timeous manner. His web design company far out performs the competition as we continue to increase our on line growth.
rob pearce
rob pearce
08:20 30 Apr 19
Murtuza Ratlamwala and the team at SMG have been a tremendous support to my start up business, My Next Car Buying Advocacy. Together in the last 12 months we have moved to put into place better strategies to establish better SEO and google rankings for my business. They have provided valuable advice and direction. We have revamp my website platform and position my business to grow and get better awareness and increased the level of enquiries and conversions. The Team is responsive to my needs and seems to understand the uniqueness of my business. There support and direction has provided me confidence in the direction the business is heading. I highly recommend their services.
Richard Lipinski
Richard Lipinski
03:13 30 Apr 19
I've been with SMG for a while and I've received an excellent sport so far. A big thanks to Murtuza Ratlamwala for his quick responses and support.
Fantastic company to deal with. Very professional and a high attention to detail that is not normally seen in an Australian business. Recommend these guys for SEO and website building. Managing Director - Bang Packaging.
Bang Packaging
Bang Packaging
02:57 25 Jul 19

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