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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

  • Open up your business to even more leads and customers
  • Increase sales with targeted advertising
  • Enhance the visibility of your business
  • Build customer loyalty by establishing yourself as a reputable brand

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Facebook Marketing Management

  • “Likes Campaign” – Establish Your Brand On Facebook

  • “Engagement Campaign” – Get Followers To Interact With Your Page

  • “Engagement Campaign” – Get Followers To Interact With Your Page

  • “Boosted Posts” – Engage With A Wider Reach By Boosting Your Posts

  • “Lead Generation Campaign” – Bring In Profitable Leads

  • “Website Clicks Campaign” – Bring People To Your Site 

  • “Offers Campaign” – Offer Your Customers Special Deals

  • “Re-targeting” – Retarget your potential customers on Facebook

  • “App Installation Campaigns” – Get People To Install Your App


Grow Your Business + Create A Loyal Community + Boost Sales

On average, almost 8 in 10 people use social media in Australia based on October 2018 results in Sensis’ annual study. Crunch down those numbers and that’s a significant majority at 79% of our population and a great total of over 19 MILLION people who use sites like Facebook for socialising, connecting with brands, entertainment and to pass the time. Yes, this means social media is a crowded space of both consumers and commercial users. By using smart social media strategy and digital marketing though, you afford your business the opportunity to reach out to these users and give your brand some new attention and new leads.

Why Do I Need Social Media For My Business?

Traditional marketing methods such as print, radio and television advertising, are just not strong enough on their own to place you ahead of your competitors, especially when you consider how  If you want your business to stand out from the rest, you need to invest time and money into building an active social media community. Businesses of all sizes benefit from effective social media marketing. Almost a quarter of people use social media to follow brands or businesses as it is, and in Australia, 64% of people will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media – that’s almost two-thirds of consumers! (Source: Sensis)


How Can We Help Your Social Media

The first step is the simplest, you can easily set up a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media accounts for your business by yourself. The real problem is finding the time to update and manage each of these accounts on a regular basis, measure their performance and aim to attract your ideal audience through advertising. We can provide you with a tailored social media strategy for your business that will grow your audience, enhance your brand identity and foster customer loyalty while building an active social media community.


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