Hi! I’m Max, the new Marketing Manager at Search Marketing Group.

Here are some reflections and insights for my first week on the job.

My first day was quite exciting, getting to meet the team and trying to remember everyone’s names. It was really nice to see my new desk setup, as they had put a special effort into it. The desk had company pens, power bank, business card and a coffee mug. Complete with a personalised sign and fresh computer all set up. It was a great start!

Learning about Google Adwords

Deepak, the company director, has been training me on how to use Google Adwords. While I’ve had a bit of experience in the past, his 6+ years of knowledge was really helpful. I’ve learned about optimising negative keywords, building the best extensions and landing page UX. It’s all about attracting relevant “clicks” to the best landing pages and ultimately leading to conversions for our clients.

Teamwork in the office

I have been lucky enough to join a team where there are a large number of projects running and this provides the opportunity for everyone to be involved in one or more steps of each project. The team is very collaborative. It’s an open plan office, so people can easily speak to each other and ask for assistance. Tabrez, an account manager needed an extra pair of hands testing a website, and asked me to hop on board half an hour. The variety of tasks and projects on the go here is huge, which makes for an interesting working day.

Diversity is welcome here.

Search Marketing Group has a really diverse workforce. Individuals from all backgrounds have a place in this office and have something special that they bring to the team. There are a lot of delicious aromas in the kitchen room too! As someone who’s worked in less welcoming environments, it’s nice to work in an open-minded and diverse company.

After this big first week, I’m super stoked to start working at Search Marketing Group!