If you own a website, you must be wondering about all the possible methods of getting a better search engine rank. To gain a better position in SERP, When it comes to search engine ranking, usage of proper keywords is an inevitable aspect. So, it is important for you to know the keywords that work with your industry and how to find them.

The importance of keywords for a business

You should remember that keywords are not solely about SEO. As a matter of fact, keywords can boost your marketing campaign too. The keywords you choose show the uniqueness of your products. For instance, if you own a graphic designing company in Melbourne, Australia, you must know to whom you should cater. What is the speciality of your service? If your speciality is affordability, your keyword should portray it correctly; “affordable graphic designers Melbourne” is a sample keyword. So, that keyword itself links your business and visitors who are in search for affordable graphic designers in Melbourne, Australia.

finding seo super keywords

How to find the correct keywords for your business

Finding the correct keyword for a certain business should be done with a good awareness. Here are some things to consider when finding keywords.

  • Find ‘key-phrases’ instead of ‘keywords’

Although we all are used to say keywords, what you must use are key phrases. Suppose that you sell pet food in Melbourne, Australia. How should you make potential buyers to find you? What is the single word you are going to use? Words ‘pet’ or ‘food’ will not work for sure. Each word will be too broad. But, how about a phrase like “best pet food Melbourne”? Such key-phrase contains the speciality of the product you sell, and the geographical location, this phrase will narrow down the results and expose your website to those who live in Melbourne, Australia who are also interested in buying top quality pet food.

  • Observe what competitors do 

If you sell a product that has a good demand, you must have a good competition out there in the industry; your competitors must be using prominent keywords to get better traffic already. Study the aspects like Meta tags, page titles, type of contents they have used etc. and plan your campaign accordingly.

  • Use Google Trends

Google Trends is a wonderful online tool that allows you to find highly influential keywords related to your niche. This is a very user-friendly tool and you can find a large variety of keywords and compare them for effectiveness. Such approach allows you to pick the most effective keyword of all and maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

Regardless of the strategy you use to find keywords, it is very important to integrate them wisely with your website. This is when an effective content creation comes to play. Smart usage of keywords within the content makes your campaign a very successful one. This is why most of the websites are accompanied with blogs.