The Key Factors To Consider When Getting SEO For Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It uses its own ranking factors to decide which videos will feature at the top of each search results page. More and more Melbourne companies are having their own channel to derive maximum benefit from this medium. YouTube considers the view time, a number of channel subscribers, how often a video is added to the playlist and the number of times it has been embedded on a website and give rankings accordingly.

YouTube involves low advertising cost and is an effective  distribution channel to reach prospective customers for Melbourne companies. Here are a few key SEO YouTube factors to consider which will  help in getting more organic visits to your videos:

Use Strong Keywords– YouTube keyword search is a very important part of YouTube optimisation. The title of the video with strong and relevant keywords ranks better in search results. This will help in determining whether your content is relevant or not and let the audience know what the video is about. You can take the help of the YouTube keyword tool to choose the best keywords and use them in the title, description and tags.

Thumbnails– They create the first impression of your video. You should always prefer custom thumbnails over auto-generated snapshots.

Video Transcript– It is an important factor to help rank the video you post on your channel. Use targeted keywords in the transcription to help YouTube get the summary of your video.

Channel Authority– You can establish this by getting your audience to engage more and get more views. You can build this by giving the link to your channel on various platforms to get more audience to view the video.

Category– A video can belong to various categories. The category you pick should be relevant to the content of the video.

Views– They are very important for your video’s YouTube SEO. The number of people watching your video and watching it till the end matters to your rankings.

Subscribe– You should try and get more subscribers as it indicates that your channel is authoritative. When people subscribe it means that they have loved it.

Shares– More shares means more people are liking your video.

User Engagement– The amount of user activity will decide your video rankings. Comments and likes/dislikes may alter the rankings.

You should follow the above SEO factors for your company’s YouTube channel and create compelling and interesting videos. You can embed your videos within the blog posts to get more views. You can also hire a Melbourne SEO firm to get maximum benefit from your marketing campaigns.

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