Search engine optimization, or SEO, is surrounded by different strategies and ideas – many of which are counter-productive or outdated. This short article should help you to keep things simple and stay on the right track with your local SEO.


Tip 1:
Keep content of high quality with good keywords, relevant to your business and with plenty of links out to related local businesses. There are different approaches to SEO content depending on the intentions of the business. We are assuming here that you want to build a successful website for the long-term which will also help build your brand and identity within the local community.

Tip 2:
The second tip, then, is: don’t overdo it. If you are engaging in so-called ‘black hat’ tactics such as keyword stuffing or spamming, then you are likely to cause more harm than good to a local business. Use keywords sparingly and treat all visitors to your website (and all internet users) with respect, just as you would when they walk in through your door.

Tip 3:
Make sure your name, address and phone number is prominent on your website (your NAP details). First of all, these details are important for people to contact you, but also the search engines will rate your website much more highly if these details are present and up-to-date.

Tip 4:
You should add your business to local business directories, and provide as much information to them as you can. This gives you backlinks from trusted and popular websites which strengthens your SEO, and also means that local people could find you within those directories.

Tip 5:
The more you create pages on social media sites and link back to your website, the more relevant and useful your website will appear to be. If you run a taxi firm in Melbourne, for example, then you want to be popping up on mobile phones when people are searching for a ride home. If you are present on all the social media sites then you can have recommendations and links galore, plus the SEO benefits by linking back to your website are also invaluable.