When it comes to running a bricks and mortar business, you want to maximise and strengthen your presence in your local area. But how do you go about reaching your potential? You look towards the modern and sophisticated approach of SEO. Having good local SEO campaign can make all the difference when it comes to establishing your presence in your local suburb and surrounding areas. How do you master this approach and reach your audience? We have three key W’s that can make that difference for you:

Establish WHO you are.
Local SEO is about establishing your brand. So you have to reach out to your audience and make it clear who you are, what you stand for and why you are the difference. Focus on the areas that you want to reach out too and make it clear what your business is all about.

Define WHAT you sell.
Everyone knows that competition in almost every industry is tough. So how do you stand out from the rest? You establish what you are selling and showcase that to your audience and client base. If your audience understands what you sell, the products or services you provide, they will automatically create an association with you. This is where the importance of good content comes to the fore. Having solid content highlighting what you’re selling will help with your local SEO.

Confirm WHERE you are.
To truly master your local SEO, you have to establish where you are. Remember, this is all about reaching out to your local audience, so having target landing pages that focus on where you are will make the biggest difference to your long-term SEO campaigns.

These three W’s can make all the difference for your long-term local SEO campaign. By focusing on them and developing a strong foundation, you will be able to secure your brand in your local market.