Most of the businesses, consider their website to be the first point of contact these days. Practically, a website is capable of creating the first impression on the visitors which is crucial for any business regardless of the industry. The appearance, functionality and the contents of your website directly represent your brand image. Therefore, every business owner in Melbourne, Australia should have a close eye on their websites and implement updates as needed.

Here’s how to determine if it is time to redesign your website.

website redesign

Your website functions poorly on mobile – it is time to catch up!
Did you know that more than 50% of Google searches come from mobile computing devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. This percentage is only likely to grow within the next couple of years. That being said, just assume what would happen if your website is hardly accessible with a mobile device? You are most likely to get rejected no matter how good your products are just because users don’t find it convenient. So, if your website is not compatible with mobile devices, you have to consider a major facelift immediately and make it a RESPONSIVE WEBSITE.

Your website is flash-based – and it is too old!
Well, flash websites were good choice several years ago, but not anymore. Popular devices like iPhones and iPad are not compatible with Flash anymore. More importantly, even Google doesn’t read Flash websites and because of this very reason, your website will experience very poor search engine rankings. A variety of modern tools is there to use instead of flash.

You continue to experience lower search engine rankings – time to update your SEO!
Over the past couple of years, search engine algorithms have evolved drastically. If your website continues to get lower SERP rankings, it mustn’t be compatible with latest SEO algorithms and that is a strong sign that you need to go for a redesign.

You experience fewer conversion rates – you should be aiming to bring in people!
If your website represents a business in Australia, Melbourne, you should expect better conversion rates from your website. However, if you notice a drop in conversion rate with your website, there must be something wrong with your website. Be sure to assess your website and go for a redesign at your earliest if you start to feel such conversion rate.

It takes too much of time to be loaded – and killing off your audience!
Did you know that nearly 50% of modern web surfers want websites to be loaded within 2 seconds or so? If your website takes too much of time to be loaded, consumers are most likely to abandon your website as there are thousands of other options to consider. Be honest with yourself and assess the speed of your website. Go for an update if it is too slow.

It just looks outdated – and it is time to re-spark it!
Website designs are changing time to time. If your website looks just outdated when compared to the competitor pages, you should simply go for a redesign. There are plenty of professional web designers in Melbourne who can do a wonderful job for you. Relying on a professional is better than considering it as a DIY task.