According to a report conducted early this year, there are more than 100 billion active Facebook users. This statistic makes it a perfect marketing platform for any company that is keen on reaching out to potential clients from all across the globe.  

Just like other digital marketing strategies, there is a need to make strategic decisions to get maximum ROI from your Facebook marketing campaigns. Here are the top seven unforgivable mistakes that you should avoid if you are to succeed in getting more website traffic and customers from this social media site.

Content That Shows You Are Desperate for Likes and Engagement

Millions of brands use Facebook to market their products and services. Publishing content that portrays your brand as one that is desperate for likes and engagements is one of the surest ways of flushing your investment on Facebook marketing down the drain. Avoid posts or visuals that requests followers to comment or like as such content will compromise your image and make it even harder for a brand to get tangible results from the campaign.  

Instead of such posts, consider offering interesting facts about your niche or commenting on general topics that your audience may find interesting and empowering.  

Posting Inconsistently

One of the guaranteed ways of gaining followers on Facebook and spurring interaction is by posting fresh content consistently. Concisely, publishing less content on your Facebook page and lack of consistency is equivalent to telling your audience that you are too busy working on other important things. Show them that you care by posting new content as frequently as possible but do not overdo it. Otherwise, if you fill up their news feed with content and notifications, they may as well decide to unfollow the page.

Creating an editorial calendar specifically for your Facebook, the marketing campaign will ensure that you post content consistently and never overwhelm your audience. Your primary goal as you come up with the calendar should be to inspire the audience.  

Posting Irrelevant Content

Before you publish or share a new video or post, ask yourself whether your target audience may be interested in it? Sometimes, it is not easy to know if particular content is relevant and so, it is recommended to carry out an extensive research online and offline to understand what your target audience is most interested in. What type of content is most likely to elicit positive emotions and motivate the audience to take the desired action?

In a nutshell, inappropriate pictures, comments, and using click baits to get more traffic to your site will deliver the expected results. It is that simple!

Not Responding to Comments

Who will your audience know that you are human if you do not take time off your busy schedule to read and responding to their comments? If you are to succeed in social media marketing, you need to be social and confidently respond to not only comments but also questions.  

In fact, the comments could provide ideas about the most relevant content to publish as well as improvements that need to be done on your product to give it a higher cutting edge in the market.

Trying Too Hard to Sell

Well, one of the main reasons why you are running a Facebook campaign may be to not only popularize your brand but also sell your products to the audience. However, trying to make a sale every time will automatically chase away customers to your competitors. Ideally, you should focus more on interacting, building a community, and offering the best user experience humanly possible. By doing so, your followers will be naturally hooked on your brand, and as the law of reciprocity dictates, they will increase their spending potential.

Bonus Tip

Advanced Facebook Marketing

Unknown to most brands and individual marketers is that “Boost Post” is not the only way to reach out to a broader audience and get more interactions. Facebook Analytics can give you a clear perspective of your audience by providing data that you can use to target specific segments of your audience with ads. Go an extra mile and leverage Facebook Power Editor to come up with great ads for new products, but be vigilant not to spam your followers’ newsfeed.