Tweet Right. Tweet Successfully.

Since its creation back in 2006, Twitter has become a vital tool for businesses, large and small, to connect with their clients and customers on a consistent and friendly level. Thanks to its 140 characters limitation, the simplicity and rapid-fire use of this social networking application means it is easy to connect and respond to customers, as well as branch out to new potential followers.

Over the years, Twitter has gathered over 2.9 million users in Australia. Many of these users are potential customers, and unfortunately, many of these potential loyal customers are not being reached and connected in the right manner. Businesses without a designed and comprehensive Twitter marketing campaign are consistently failing to connect with customers, and in many cases, ignoring a new market to tap into.

With a thorough Twitter strategy, its more than just using the popular hashtags or buying fake robotic followers; it is an in-depth process to establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with loyal followers, who will turn into valuable clients and customers. Here at Search Marketing Group we know this. That’s why our social media Twitter strategy is not just about collecting followers to no effect. We want those followers to influence your business in a positive and successful manner.

Our strategy will look into the ideals and elements of how your business works, and how we can reach untapped followers. With us as your partners, we look to establish key long-term and fruitful relationships between your business and your customers, where you can consistently interact with them and create a powerful connection to your brand. Our formula for success is built to last and one that lays a solid foundation for future successes.