Web Tools That Will Push Your SEO Rankings Higher

Using SEO tools can benefit you by reducing the time you spend on search engine optimisation, increase your profits by pushing you up the rankings, and reducing costs for marketing campaigns which don’t work. You have to do some work, but using the right software makes the job much easier and far more productive. So if your Melbourne website needs more hits and conversions, then read on.

Most SEO tools are geared towards specific SEO topics, such as off-page optimization, on-page optimization, keywords, backlinks, security or speed. You need to find an SEO software or service that offers what you need, and stay away from any that make grand claims of how much money you can make.

Once you find SEO analysis software you like, you usually just enter your website URL to get the results. You then research each area that was tested, starting with any you are having issues with so you can understand the importance of working on that area. Some of the areas that are flagged or present a warning include a tip for improvement, minimising the necessary research.

Google offer a free keyword tool which will help you with search engine optimisation. If you are having trouble finding keywords for your business, you can have instant access to a limitless supply of suggestions, with stats on each keyword.

Copyscape is useful tool which allows you to check if you have too much duplicated content on your website. Search engines don’t like duplicated content, so checking this and rectifying any problems will make a big difference to your SEO status.

A robots.txt file should be located in the home directory of your website, and from there it will block spam bots that scan your website for email addresses and other personal information. It also informs the search engines which pages, files or other data is protected from their spiders.

Working on your website is a full time job and is ongoing, as the search engines update their algorithms all the time. Backlinks can expire or go dead, and a lack of website activity can also negatively affect your SEO. So make sure you have SEO tools in place that stay up to date with not only your changes, but the changes surrounding the world of SEO.