SEO Campaigning: What is Needed to Get it Started?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating and developing an SEO campaign, and you could spend a lot of time and money tweaking and changing things. To get started with search engine optimisation, you should consider a few key points to set you off in the right direction.

First of all, the keywords are incredibly important. This is true whether you intend to pay for advertising or encourage organic traffic, or both. You simply have to build into your website content the right keywords to attract the right visitors. If you run a hairdressing salon in Melbourne, then you must include plenty of references to ‘Melbourne hairdressers’ or ‘Melbourne hair styling’ for example. You can find online tools to help you with effective keyword selection.

You should build links from other websites as much as possible. These websites should be closely related to what your website is offering, and they should link to whichever page is most relevant. So if you have a website for a music shop in Melbourne, and you find a local guitar teacher who might want to link to you, then you should get that link to your guitar page rather than to the home page. The more relevant and specific the links are, then better your organic traffic will grow.

Search engine optimisation is not just about setting your own website up well in terms of content. It’s also about leveraging other parts of the internet to your advantage. For example, it’s no secret that social media is huge and growing daily. Facebook and Twitter are two of the largest traffic sources online, and by have pages and accounts which link back to your website then many more possibilities open up. Apart from the potential of more organic traffic, it’s important to realise that, from an SEO point of view, social signals are also used by search engines. So if your Facebook page is getting plenty of likes, then it will be pushed higher up the rankings and this will reflect positively on your website too. Of course, the better your website content then the more chance you have of getting interest from more powerful websites and hence more effective links.

Blogging is another very powerful strategy to consider. An interesting blog can do wonders for your business over time, and if you include plenty of relevant content with well-chosen keywords, then the long-term effects are well worth the effort.