SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a long-term strategy that requires effort and the ability to be on your toes. It is the reason that certain businesses dominate their market and get the lion’s share of customers. Long-term, it is cost effective and provides all businesses with an opportunity to grow.

But what is SEO? And how can it work for your business?

Before you can understand SEO, you need to understand how search engines such as Google work. Considering that Google takes up about 80% of the market share when it comes to searches online, we’ll be using them as the main example throughout this article.

But what is the main objective of Google? Simple – they strive to provide the most relevant, accurate and timely content to their users. For example, if you want to know the live scores for your favourite footy team, you don’t want to have to sift through a bunch of sites about gardening.

In order to provide the user with the most relevant websites to their search query, Google spends millions of dollars every year hiring the most talented programming nerds from all over the world to create super-smart algorithms.

These algorithms are so smart they are able to distinguish a gardening website from a sports scoreboard page just like a normal human can. Hint: it even knows how to read your mind and show you what it expects you’ll be searching for next.

Just kidding about the reading your mind thing, you can put your tin foil hat back now…

So let’s get back to our original question – What is SEO? Now that we know about the Google algorithm, we can look at how to work with it. Our job as the search engine optimiser is to take your website and make it extremely easy for Google’s algorithm to understand what it is about.

Once Google better understands that your website is about plumbing, for example, then we use different strategies to tell the same algorithm that “Hey, we’re not just a plumbing company– we’re THE best plumbing company for your users”.

This is accomplished through a variety of different strategies. Those strategies include:

  1. Website content This is the first area that we address. Would you expect to be taken seriously if you arrive at a business meeting dressed in your PJs? A similar approach goes for your website material. Professional companies need to present themselves with professionally written content.
  2. Brand Mentions People engage, share and talk about good businesses that they have had a great experience with. Google is well aware of this. So we use different white-hat ethical tactics to increase your brand mentions via blogs, Australian directory listings and social media. This process is also known as “link building”.
  3. Website OptimisationThere are certain technical changes you can make on your website to help Google algorithms better understand your website. By making these tweaks in the code of your website, you can tell Google exactly what keywords you want your website to rank for. This process is also known as “on-page optimisation”.
  4. Social Media With the evolving digital-era, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Smart business owners are taking advantage of this and Google values smart businesses. Make your business stand out by having a voice on social media.

What Does This Mean For Businesses Likes Yours?

There was a time when businesses would get a majority of their sales by marketing in print media, TV commercials, radio, etc. Do you remember the Yellow Pages?

But today, your target audience is on the Internet browsing social media and using search engines for all of their information needs.

If your business is not online yet, OR if it is, but it’s hidden in the deep dark depths of Google’s page 2 – 10, then no one will ever know about you (no matter how well you serve your customers.)

Businesses need to adapt to the changing landscape and take on a different approach to getting in front of their target customers. So that’s where SEO can help YOUR business.

Your competitors are already taking the lead and it’s a first come, first serve sort of game. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then get in touch with our team. We’ll go through your business and draft a complete strategy on how to dominate YOUR industry.