Search Engine Optimisation v/s Google Adwords: What Works Best For You?

Businesses, small or big in Melbourne, have realised the importance of online marketing through search engines. More and more people are using search engines today and are more likely to visit your website through them and not directly. If you have a newly designed website, online marketing is the best way to let your target audience know about your business.

SEO versus Google Adwords: What Are The Differences? 

To boost traffic to your website, there are two main options- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Google Adwords, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). The main question in the mind of a business owner in Melbourne is – which is better?

Organic results generated by SEO or paid clicks through Google Adwords. It is a tough question and needs due consideration before adopting either one or both the strategies. Every business is different and operates differently. The decision about SEO or Google Adwords will depend on your business objectives, budget, competition and time constraints.

For businesses in Melbourne looking to invest in digital marketing, it is better to understand both the concepts and then decide accordingly.


Search Engine Optimisation: The Long-Term Campaign That Pays Off. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a natural or organic way to get your website positioned on the various search engines. Your website ranking will be a combination of on-page and off page optimisation. On-page factors include- title tags, descriptions, heading tags and more. Off-page factors include a link from other websites to your site. Recent algorithms pay a lot of attention to quality content. Organic SEO techniques are as efficient as Google Adwords, but requires a bit longer time to promote your business to the top results on the page.


Google Adwords: Quick Fire Results That Pay Off Then & There. 

It is an advertising platform owned by Google which can be used by marketers to place their ads on the Google search result pages, Google products, like YouTube and Gmail and other websites that take part in the Adwords programs as publishers. It is like an auction system where advertisers compete for the available advertising space. You will have to pay Google a certain amount for every click on your ad. This type of marketing is very effective when used correctly and helps in measuring ROI accurately.

Merging Both Will Be Effective. Taking One Over The One Will Work. 

Both SEO and Adwords are effective tools and choosing one over the other is completely dependent on the circumstances of a business. Choosing both will be a great option to make sure that you get good traffic and real-time results. Both tools complement each other. Adwords can be used to promote a specific part of a website, while SEO can help your site rank higher in search engines and increase traffic. Hire a professional Melbourne marketing firm that can advise you which method will work best for your business.

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