Social media has taken the world by storm. With millions of people signed up for websites like Facebook and Instagram, you might be wondering how social media marketing will affect your brand or business.

Below, we’ve written everything you need to know about social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Your Business

Social media marketing can have significant impacts on your business. There’s a number of reasons for this – most importantly, it allows e-commerce owners and merchants to have access to the personal information of their clients and potential customers.

Thousands of people are signed up for social media websites and because they are, their emails, telephone numbers, and preferences are shared with third party businesses. As a result, social media websites can target content to suit the interests of specific groups of people.


Emails are one of the best ways to target content toward individual customers. When someone buys from an online store, they usually provide the company with their email address. The company then has access to a quick and convenient way to contact their customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Because of this, business owners are able to send emails to their customers and potential customers when they have items that might pose interest. By selling products this way, they can increase their sales and generate more conversions.

Facebook and Marketing

Facebook is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to use social media marketing. Business owners can create web pages and accounts for their stores. Customers are able to follow up with recent news, products, and updates.

Merchants can also sponsor ads that will pop up on the feed of those in proximity to the store or to those that might be interested in the products. If someone likes a lot of clothing stores, for example, a merchant who owns a clothing store can target these consumers with sponsored ads.


Instagram is being used more now than ever before. Business owners are creating accounts for their businesses to expand their reach across the app. Not only this, but there are many extensions that can be used to connect Instagram to websites.

This provides an account’s followers with direct access to the website, thereby making easier for them to shop online.

Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and coupons are widely used online. This is an excellent marketing tactic for anyone who wants to attract more customers and generate more conversions.

Discount codes and coupons are usually provided within a specific time frame, creating a sense of urgency in customers and potential customers. They’ll have the impression that if they don’t buy the products now at a discount, they won’t be able to later. As a result, companies have more people who buy more products.

These discounts and coupons are most often provided through social media websites and through emails. Merchants who use Facebook and Instagram will publicise the discount codes on their sites to ensure that they get as much reach as possible.

By using emails, on the other hand, specific individuals are targeted. Personal messages can also be included in these emails so that customers feel like they have more of a connection with your business.


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