Whilst they’re not the only thing you need for effective search engine optimization, or SEO, keywords are nevertheless extremely important. They are the foundation of your campaign and will make all the difference in your results. This is why keywords research is such an important stage of your SEO strategy. You might think that the keywords are obvious, but using online tools to find out what people are searching for within your niche, and also considering how competitive these search terms are, then you are preparing for a much better choice of keywords. This will influence your website traffic well into the future, and so preparing these foundations correctly is crucial.


Once you have found the right keywords for now, you must work these into your website’s metadata and also into plenty of high quality webpage content. You should also keep track of how the website is performing, and use tools to discover which keywords are actually working. It’s possible to see exactly what people searched for when they found your website, so you must make use of this information. You can therefore consider changing or adding new keywords as your SEO campaign develops.

Imagine you own an electrical shop in Melbourne, for example, and you think the keywords ‘electrical shop Melbourne’ and ‘light fittings Melbourne’ might be useful. If you check an online tool and discover that many more people are typing ‘lights Melbourne’, then this is a highly important difference. Furthermore, you might discover from the back office of your website that people are finding your website with unexpected search terms which you could then focus on more and therefore further strengthen your website’s SEO status. The process is ongoing and should be a natural, organic growth. This works well for a business’s image too, as people like to see this kind of growth. The keywords are quietly working away in the background of your website’s success, and remain a very important part of the overall SEO campaign.