Why Combining SEO & Social Media is Essential for Your Business

Of course, great search engine optimization (SEO) is something all business website owners need, and many are keenly aware of this. Other businesses are more focused on using social media instead. Yet so many website owners are missing the point that the combination of these two important aspects is what will really make the difference.

As a general rule, the more information and links that are included on your website, on social media sites and in local directories, the better. Not only do customers want to see the most possible information regarding your business, but every piece gives a slight advantage to your local SEO efforts compared with other local businesses in the area. Google makes this process very simple with its My Business page, giving the business owner a completion bar indicating how complete the page’s information is.

You need effective SEO in order to increase organic traffic which comes from search engines. If you have a plumbing business in Melbourne, for example, you will want to mention plumbing and Melbourne-related keywords for both on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Compared with traditional SEO, however, social media is much more important when it comes to local SEO services because many customers may find you on one of the social media platforms instead. In this sense, your business’ Facebook page serves as your website for many potential customers. Recommendations, social proof and good reviews are hugely important for any business, and social media is leading the way in this department.

Once your website is optimized, the first stage of your social media campaign is to claim your Google My Business page, then optimize all of the information on your social media pages to match the information on your My Business page along with all of the other local directories. This provides customers with all the information they need to find your business. Social signals, such as “Likes” on Facebook or “Re-tweets” on Twitter, count as a local search ranking factor according to a recent study by Moz. This means that you will rank higher on local search results if you have more people interacting with your business on social media.

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