Wix or WordPress: What Website System Works Best With Your SEO?

If you are looking to start a new blog or website in Melbourne, the fundamental question that you face is where to host it. There are several web publishing solutions out there which can help you to set up and run your website. WordPress and Wix are considered as the most user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMSs).

Since Wix has been launched, there has been a constant debate about which one is better out of the two. SEO is a very important aspect to consider when you decide which platform to choose.

What are WordPress and Wix?

Both Wix and WordPress are website builders. WordPress is a user-friendly interface with major functionalities. It is very popular among the website owners and is considered as the number one Content Management System to run business, news and technology websites.

Wix, on the other hand, is the HTML5 web-publishing system. It is best compatible for creating an advertisement, business and entertainment websites. It is simple and has a coding-free functional architecture with professional looking themes.

Wix  or WordPress- Which is Best for SEO?

Which handles SEO better- Wix or WordPress is the main thing to consider before selecting one platform out of the two. To run a blog or a website successfully, making full use of modern SEO techniques and statistical tracking of user data is important. WordPress is considered as more search engine friendly and Google loves it more. Wix is usually not recommended for a small business website. The SEO feature of Wix is very basic, the URL’s are not clean looking and it also has some idiosyncrasies. Wix uses AJAX Crawling which allows sites to deliver dynamic content to the end users. It has been seen that AJAX has been difficult for search engines to process. Its users are limited to the extensions developed in-house. Though Wix has implemented a process which allows Google to crawl and index the website.

WordPress has almost 50 times the number of Search Engine Results Pages than Wix, establishing that it is a far more popular platform. It also offers a great number of SEO related plugins that can help to modify the details of websites to help it perform better in the search engine rankings.

WordPress is considered to be the best for SEO when compared to Wix. You can get your website designed by a professional web designer in Melbourne to get the SEO benefits.

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