Master Yahoo. Master Yahoo Customers.

Too often online marketing companies focus all their energy and efforts on Google. Search Marketing Group is not like those marketing companies, because we understand that there is a world outside Google, and it is a world that many businesses are failing to recognise.

Yahoo is one the biggest search engines on the internet. Fast, effective and clean with its searches, many business ignore the search engine at its peril. It is a new avenue for potential customers to search products, services and brands. Many businesses are not interested in crafting a Yahoo campaign and therefore a missing out on potential buyers and a larger audience. That is why Search Marketing Group is different from other online companies, we see the potential that others do not; we see the successes that others do not.

As partners we do not just want to make your website and business number one in Google, we want to establish your business as the leading search result in Yahoo. Our qualified team of Yahoo strategists want to create the foundation for your brand to be the dominant force in your industry and the Yahoo market.